Why choose laminate flooring?

Invented in Sweden in the late 70’s, Laminate Flooring’s popularity has steadily grown until this very day.
Since then a number of new styles and ranges of Laminate Flooring have been produced and homeowners can’t get enough of it!

As its name suggests, Laminate Flooring is a result of a lamination process where several layers of synthetic flooring are fused together.

Essentially, Laminate Flooring mimics real wood flooring with a photographic layer visible under a clear protective layer. Typically, the other layers underneath comprise of fiber board materials and / or melamine resin. Today, Laminate Flooring can come in a range of styles and colours to suit every home.

Laminate Flooring aims to replicate the striking look and classy feel of real wood and the options available these days certainly do just that. There’s no doubt that you can tell the difference between real wood and laminate on a close inspection but Laminate Flooring has become trendy in it’s own right and a must have for modern homes and younger homeowners.

Laminate flooring benefits

Laminate Flooring is incredibly durable and unlike real wood, for example, it will hardly ever dent, scratch or get stained.

This is due in part to the wear layer underneath the photographic layer (the one which has the wood design you can see on it) which adds a layer of protection.

However, if on the chance you do get a dent, scratch or stain it’s almost impossible to repair without replacing the whole floor.
Laminate Flooring is an incredibly low maintenance flooring solution compared to wood and carpets for example as it does not absorb dirt and moisture to the same extent.

Whether it’s hair or fluff that you can hoover up, mud and dirt that you can sweep or spills that you can soak up with a sponge, Laminate Flooring is the perfect solution for a family home!

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