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September 2013

Stunning New Carpet for Local Business, Winckley Square Preston

Monday 23rd September
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Stunning New Carpet Preston

This project started at the Lune Street store when a customer walked into the showroom and said those words we love to hear “You’ve been recommended to me, can you help?” Plucking a pen from behind his ear and reaching for his measuring pad, John Richardson – General Manager said, “Of course we can.”


The customer needed a heavy duty stair carpet for a commercial building which lots of traffic "could we pop round and measure up?” Entering a traditional Victorian building we found a beautiful winding staircase with lots of landings, the total area to be covered came to 100 square meters. The old carpet had become tired and worn out, and our replacement carpet needed to be sympathetic to the current decor with a hard wearing underlay.


This type of staircase presented its own challenges, being open on one side against the central banister. This meant we would have to add a binding (whipping) along one side of the carpet to prevent it from fraying. This project would require precision measuring because the carpet would have to be cut and marked up off site. Each stair section was sent away to be ‘whipped’ before being reassembled in the right order to fit the carpet across the various stairs and landings to be covered, making a mistake was not an option.


The carpet was fitted outside of business hours over a few evenings and one weekend. The team carefully planned the project to ensure there was no disruption to the business, even taking into account we couldn’t leave a skip on site for the removal of the old carpet. As you can see from the photographs our experienced team managed the project beautifully and the results look stunning. The carpet fitting team said it was easiest jigsaw puzzle they’d ever done.


     Author: PC Carpets And Beds   

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After The Fire

Monday 9th September

As you may have heard we’ve had a small fire at our Lune Street store. The fire was contained in the service stairs at the back of the building. Happily no one was hurt and our internal fire doors did their job. The ground floor show room is fine and the floors upstairs are also intact. We would like to thank the emergency services, particularly the Lancashire fire service for doing an excellent job and limiting the effects of the fire. The store is open but the top two floors are closed at the moment, we’re still cleaning up, nothing but a bit of polish and elbow grease can’t fix.


We would also like to thank the community of Preston and local businesses for all their support and many well wishes, without this we couldn’t continue. To our loyal customers, its business as usual, just give us a couple of days and the showrooms will be open as normal. We will be having a clearance sale for any items affected by the smoke but is perfectly saleable, shortly.


     Author: PC Carpets And Beds

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